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By working para with our suppliers, we were empresa to increase the number relatorio high-performing supplier sites by 59 percent and decrease the number of low-performing supplier sites by 31 percent.

In order to know whether our suppliers are progressing, we conduct regular assessments. We assess suppliers in three main categories: Each category is scored on a point scale based on more than data points that correspond to our Code of Conduct.

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We expect our suppliers to show steady improvement, relatorio para empresa, and we work with them to achieve this through education, training tools, and support. Inwe tripled the number of supplier relatorio participating in our energy efficiency program, resulting in the para of more thanmetric tons of carbon emissions. A number of empresa suppliers have already committed to power all Apple empresa with controle interno na administracao publica municipal energy by the end of These commitments will reduce carbon emissions by 7, metric tons per year, the equivalent of removing 1, cars from the road for a year.

More than relatorio percent of the paper used in our packaging comes from either recycled wood fiber or sustainably managed forests and controlled wood sources. Inwe started a zero waste program for our final assembly suppliers. One of the participants was Tech-Com in Shanghai. Working closely with the facility, we discovered that more than 20 percent of the waste they produced was being incinerated or going to landfills. We partnered with our supplier and its local recycling facility to develop a better process for separating and recycling waste.

As a result, Tech-Com is now able to recycle all of its waste rather than sending it to a landfill or an incinerator.

Tech-Com also developed a new process for managing food waste, allowing them to send it to a local composter instead of a landfill. They then used what they had learned to develop a process for their own suppliers that helped their suppliers collect and reuse packaging material. Since the program started, Tech-Com has diverted more than 10, metric tons of waste from landfills, earning the company a well-deserved UL Zero Waste to Landfill validation in A more educated workforce is a more empowered workforce.

Inwe partnered with our suppliers to train more than 2.

Jiang Hong Para is an experienced manager at Foxconn with empresa university degrees. SEED allowed her relatorio pursue a degree and still be able to work to support her family. She started with an AA degree and received her BA degree a few years later. Her persistence and determination were rewarded. Over the years, Jiang moved up the ranks at Foxconn, receiving multiple promotions from her first technician job to manager of her own team.

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My improvement in English also enabled me to communicate with clients and manage projects independently. Inwe were one of the first companies to map our supply chain from manufacturing to the smelter level for tin, tantalum, tungsten, and gold 3TG.

Inwe completed our supply chain mapping for cobalt. Em 25 de maio de foram realizados protestos simultâneos em mais de quarenta países do mundo e em centenas de cidades, contra a maior produtora mundial de sementes transgênicas. Wikipédia, a enciclopédia livre.

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